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We all need it to live.

Our food choices have an effect on our mind and our bodies.  Low energy mental fog migraines and bodily tension all have tributaries that lead right back to food.  That’s not to mention the more dangerous diseases that despite being preventable are damaging lives. I believe in disease prevention by changing dietary needs for the body and reducing stress levels.  Yet most of us are confused as to what to put into our bodies due to the conflicting messages from the internet our doctors nutritionists and friends.

So what should we eat?

A healthy diet is one of the main ingredients needed to create clear calm thinking and decision-making.  It is also my belief that a one-size fits all mentality doesn’t work.  There are over seven billion souls on this wonderful planet of ours – all unique all special all hungry.  You and I will work together to create an individual plan that works best for your specific goals.

I teach people to take a closer look; to peer into the unsightly and use the education I provide to healthier choices.

The body is a magnificent communicator.

Symptoms like allergies acne unwanted weight gain or loss and skin issues are telling us something. If we are educated we can change that. These maladies don’t have to occupy space in your life.

It is my passion to help people.

I have spent many years studying so you can live a vibrant life free of conditions that limit you from being who you are truly meant to be.  By co-creating a plan you can find space to focus on other important areas of your life.

Are You Ready To Work With Me?

If you…

  • depend on sugar and/ or caffeine to make it through your day
  • want to lose weight
  • have digestive issues
  • have low energy mid-day regularly
  • have brain fog
  • have skin issues
  • are affected with low self-esteem
  • want to learn how to obtain optimal nutrition for your body
  • have obstacles in your way that keep you from your goals
  • just need that extra motivation
  • want to look for more natural health solutions

…then I believe you are ready for the next level.

Heres how it works.

  • Book an appointment for an initial consultation.  When you make your appointment you will receive a health questionnaire that includes questions about your lifestyle diet and any health concerns.  In your 60 minute initial consultation we review your health history and create a custom designed plan tailored for your lifestyle.
  • Have follow up sessions that will keep you motivated on your way to a new healthier fitter you.  We will discuss how many sessions you need to benefit your immediate or long-term needs.

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I would love the opportunity to work with you.  If you are ready to have breakthroughs in your health send me an email at or call UK tel. +44 77034 67488 and US Tel. (818) 306-6240.

To a life of reviving wellness.

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