I was very happy that I was not run down once and felt strong through out. 

Like most people I wanted to work on lifestyle and diet enhancements for sometime.  Particularly I wanted to see how I could make improvements for traveling to poker festivals bearing in mind the attrition of road trips on body and mind.  That was the puzzle.  Liza Lim was the solution.  I was impressed with Liza as a person after speaking when I met her at a poker festival in Venice.  As poker players do I went with my gut after I met Liza as I felt she was making a lot of sense and had a good understanding of what a player might need and a good understanding of the poker environment.

I enjoyed the tailored nature of the advice I received from Liza.  It made sense for me and addressed where I wanted to get improvements in response to what I had told Liza about myself and my habits and routines.  This is what I wanted not general advice.  Following the first 2 sessions I went on a 3 week road trip and played my best poker of all 2014 including a final table in big 1k in Prague a side event win in Italy  and a deep run in a large field in Belgium.  I was feeling great and playing great.  The adjustments I made in the 6 weeks leading up to the trip were hugely significant in this particular trip.  I was very happy that I was not run down once and felt strong through out.  I have continued to play optimally in 2015 despite being busy outside of poker and I felt great in the events I have played.

Like any new skill making adjustment to habits formed over a life time is not easy and requires effort.  However Lizas professionalism and communication skills made the task a lot easier.  I plan to work with Liza going forward.

Andrew King‚ Professional Poker Player

I had much more energy and my head began to feel clear and I could think straight.

This year I was invited to go to a small seminar by Liza Lim to have an input on Reseting your metabolism.  Ive always been interested in detoxing but didnt have the knowledge to complete one successfully. At that time I was feeling really bloated and suffering with brain fog where I couldnt concentrate on simple things. During the session Liza talked us through everything we needed to know about cleansing and why incorporating it into our lifestyle would hugely benefit us. She also gave a demonstration on juicing and provided us with some simple blender recipes. Liza was so motivating that I started my detox two days after my input. I did it only for a week and I saw benefits after the first day.  I felt less bloated and my stomach was not bubbly as it sometimes is after food. I had much more energy and my head began to feel clear and I could think straight. Over all in a week I also lost 5lb and I felt great. I was sleeping better and my skin was glowing. Why didnt I do this sooner? It has completely changed the way I eat now.  I think before I eat and it makes a huge difference.  Id like to thank Liza and Revive Touch for giving me the knowledge to make better choices.

Thank you

Kelly Colley

I dropped about 10 pounds during the two week cleanse and felt great afterwards. 

I initially sought assistance from my wifes friend Liza for a liver cleanse and wanted a plan that was not super extreme such as a liquid only diet!  Before I was a father I exercised quite regularly but after the birth of my boy my exercise routine had gone down the toilet!  Ive never really eaten healthy and I love my Scotch so all of a sudden now that I wasnt active I had put on a lot of unhealthy and unwanted weight!  When I was active I was always around 155-160 lbs at 57 and this is with eating crappy food and drinking a lot of alcohol.  But about two years ago I started to feel very sluggish and my clothes were feeling tight and I had gone up to 180 lbs.  But more than just the weight I was feeling sluggish and my face got chunky and I was finding that I could wear 34 waist pants without needing a belt!  I really wanted to at least get down below 170 and do it without anything extreme.  Also I was nearing 40 at that time and it seemed I needed to focus on what I was putting in my body rather than just relying on burning it off with exercise/activity which is really all I had done all my life before this.

The plan was to focus on eating natural healthy foods but also with the goal to clean out the liver which I really wanted to do!  I dropped about 10 pounds during the two week cleanse and felt great afterwards.  I continued to eat pretty healthy after the cleanse and got down below 160 lbs for the first time in YEARS!  Im very glad to have done it and I personally do the cleanse once every 6 months and its been a great way to reboot the body and get it cleaned out on a periodic basis.  Kind of like a Control/Alt/Delete for your body to get it reset and rebooted.  The food choices during the cleanse are totally reasonable and again the cleanse was not super extreme like not eating any solids or taking in only 1000 calories/day or anything like that.

Its been super beneficial for me and great for my health both physically and emotionally/mentally and why Ive chosen to continue doing it even after the first go around.  I just completed my cleanse again recently and felt great afterwards!  Also for those like me that feel somewhat addicted to caffeine or red meat or alcohol I also think its a great method to exercise some willpower and self control and doing the cleanse for me was a great way for me to remind myself and prove to myself that I can do without certain vices that often seem to become part of a daily ritual (such as ALWAYS having to drink a morning cup of coffee or ALWAYS having to have a glass of Scotch after work etc….)  Basically if I can do without it for 2 weeks or whatever period of time it May be I know that I have control over these things I drink/eat and not the other way around. It helped me see that what I put in is my personal choice that Ive made and has made me more conscious of being accountable for it rather than blaming it as being a vice or part of my daily ritual.

Anyways thank you Liza I really appreciate you taking the time out to personalize this cleanse for me and Saera!

Peter Kim Attorney