Friendly well organised and very professional. I would recommend Liza to everyone who is looking for trusted partners.

Ewa Kwiatkowska Unibet Head of Events & Central Offline Promotion Poker

Liza donated her time at a recent World Poker Tour Foundation event that I organized and she was simply remarkable. She saw information about the event and foundation and reached out to us to suggest she and her team donate their services to help us raise money. Everyone loved her and she added such a wonderful element to the evening. Extremely special person.

Kate Moulene CEO Capian Enterprises/Global Creative Forum

One of the most striking things about Liza is her deep presence and easy relational demeanor. With this she undeniably was able to listen deeply to the needs of each client and find the right pathway for their services. She recognizes the needs of individuals and responds respectfully and timely. She has a genuine understanding of what it takes to inspire health for people who might otherwise not pursue a healthy lifestyle. And she does this in a most respectful and kind way so as to create an internal shift of positive desire in the client. Her professionalism is clean and clear and strong. Liza shows generosity of heart spirit and wisdom. I know with confidence that she will be an asset to any organization and team she will be working with.

Leah Guthridge Caron Shakti Rising Regional Director www.shaktirising.org

Ive been traveling around the globe quite a bit to bigger and smaller tournaments and I feel there is quite a difference in the quality of the massage therapist staff. Im always looking forward to WPTs where Liza is taking care of me most of the time because I know that she knows what shes doing and is always behaving in a very professional way. I highly recommend her to any event manager looking for a professional massage therapist.

Marvin Rettenmaier Party Poker 201 WPT World Championship Winner

Since I have been playing poker professionally I have found massages to be very helpful to relax during a tournament.  Once I met Liza she has been my main therapist at all tournaments I see her at.  She is always professional and gives excellent massages.  Her attentiveness to my needs and making sure I have a place on the massage list always makes me feel taken care of.  This makes her team stand out from other teams who just walk around looking for work.  I highly recommend Liza and her team to any event and organization looking for a team of professional massage therapists.

 Tobias Reinkemeier Professional Poker Player

“Poker tournaments are more than just poker is about the people that surrounds us! We need to be in a comfy environment with professional people as floor mans dealers and of course masseusse girls. Lena has been always one of my favorites I always get her when she is around she has the strongest hands so I’d love to recommend her as my favorite. I recommend the team to anyone that is looking for a team of professional masseusse girls.”

Nacho Barbero PokerStars Team Pokerstars Pro

“One poker tournament is not just a cards and players competition. When you travel to attend an event like this you feel there is much more involved adrenaline energy everything is related to the environment youre involved and certainly the Liza and her team make this an even more pleasant atmosphere. Liza has always been my first choice for the constant massages that I get during a competition not only for the excellent massage but also for bringing the environment to a healthy climate and professional which makes you pass those moments often very stressful more relaxed and focused. I recommend Liza and her team to all my friends and companies that are interested in a team of professional masseurs.”

André Akkari PokerStars Team Pro

I have used the massage services of Liza and Lena while playing poker for long hours. It’s important for me to have my massages because it relaxes me and helps me to play better. I always appreciate their professionalism while massaging and they have always made me feel comfortable. They are friendly people and I would recommend their massage service to anyone. They will not be disappointed.

Kenny Hallaert Tournament Director Belgium Poker Series

It’s important to see familiar therapists who you know from previous events and get along well with. Getting a massage from someone you don’t know can sometimes work out but a lot of the time it doesn’t so its really helpful to have people like Liza around who you know will carry out their work to the highest standard. I respect her honesty and down to earth yet professional attitude and am sure having her and her team around at future poker events can only be a positive thing for everyone involved.

Praz Bansi Professional Poker Player

As a professional poker player I spend a lot of hours sitting in uncomfortable positions and the job itself tenses me up as I am always alert and focused. I use Liza as a therapist because she is professional and very flexible. Even during the days I am not at the casino she finds time for a massage which means a lot when I need to relax and prepare for big events.

McLean Karr Professional Poker Player

With all the traveling we do I have constant back problems and Liza is very sweet to accommodate me even when she is not on duty. She is always in a great mode very talkative and brightens my day when she comes to massage me. I am very happy that she is flexible with her time and surprised with her strength! I get a lot of massages around the world and I can surely say she is one of the best therapists I have used.

Tatjana Pasalic Poker video and TV hostess/Bodog sponsored representative

I have received massages from Liza and the some of the girls working at her company Revive. I have always been treated extremely well the girls have always been punctual and the massages are a truly wonderful experience. If I was to recommend a massage and therapy company to anyone it would be Revive and Liza Lim.

Lee Davy Freelance Journalist www.needyhelper.com

Liza is clearly an exceptional individual and I recommend her without hesitation as a healthcare provider administrator team leader and employer.

Lindsey Koelman Acupuncturist and Clinical Director Marin Acupuncture Clinic

Liza lives up to her companys name Revive Touch. Her talented hands immediately relaxes you which is important in getting you to a place to experience her masterful techniques of healing and revival. In only ten minutes she was able to provide pain and stress relief which allowed me to fully enjoy the rest of my day! Thanks Liza for sharing your gifts and talents!

Gwen Chambers SPHR President Chambers HR Consulting Group Inc. www.ChambersHR.com