Getting Touchy on Valentines Day

Looking for ideas to spice up your Valentines night?  Look no longer because you have found just the thing that will get your blood pumping for the night.  Why pay someone to touch you when you can touch each other?  There is nothing more intimate than giving and receiving intentional touch from your partner. You are learning your partners likes and dislikes through this physical form of communication.  Make the moment sexy playful and stay in bed all night.

To start the mood light candles play some soft music have some chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne for before and after the massage.  Using essential oils is imperative because the effect of aromatherapy can drastically change a mood.  Imagine smelling greasy french fries in your massage space!  Here is a list of recommended essential oils to experiment with that will bring more sensual ooze to your evening: jasmine orange rosewood sandalwood vanilla and ylang ylang.  Some of these scents May be too feminine for the man so do smell checks before mixing any oils together.  Choose anywhere from 1-3 oils to be mixed with your base massage oil.  I recommend non-toxic oils and something light so it wont ruin your sheets.  Avocado jojoba and sweet almond  oil are a few base oils you can use.  Even good old olive oil will do the trick.  Make sure the oil is warmed up before you place it on your partner.  I suggest putting the oil bottle in some warm water rather than sticking it in the microwave.

For the actual massage pour a little bit of oil in your hands and rub them together.  Begin at the top of the shoulders moving down the back but never right on top of the spine.  Ask your partner if you can lighten or deepen your touch.  Slide your hands all the way down the body to the toes and make your way back up the legs back and neck.  Another method is to focus on one area for a while so the back gets attention then the arms hands buttocks thighs calves feet neck head and ears.   Dont forget to massage the head which is full of nerve endings.  Give a lot of attention here along with the ears and your partner will be very pleased.  Dont forget the little parts like fingers and toes. Use repetitive motions and change it up from slow to fast.  Experiment using your hands.  You can use open palms rotating fists karate chops tickling fingers or the one you just made up during the massage. Your partner is the best teacher in telling you what they like so check in with them once in a while.

The most important thing to do is to have fun and not stress over giving a perfect massage.  Massage is supposed to relieve stress.  And if you think the massage went really that bad you can always use your imagination to think of different distractions.

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