What Massage Type Are You?

Whenever I look at a spa menu I want to get the works.  Fancy names like Chocolate Fantasy Tropical Super Scrub and Rainfall Forest make my mouth drop.  But if I was given a choice between a spa treatment and massage I am definitely choosing a massage.  Then there becomes another problem.  Well lets not consider this a problem but the issue…is what kind of massage/ bodywork am I going to get for myself?

Heres the list I have to choose from:

Acupressure Aromatherapy Ayurvedic Bowen Therapy Cranio Sacral Deep Tissue Deep Transverse Friction Lomi Lomi Hot Stone Indian Head Myofascial Release Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Neuromuscular Therapy Reiki Proprioceptive Neuromuscular (PNF) Stretch Remedial Rolfing / Structural Integration Seated Shiatsu Sports Swedish Thai Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Tuina Trager and Trigger Point Therapy.

The list goes on even longer than this.  In school I learned nineteen types of treatments and have helped and witnessed many people healing from acute and chronic pain.  To help with pain something deeper like neuromuscular therapy or deep tissue might be helpful.  Myofascial Release can be extremely painful but have long-term effects for the bodys alignment.  Sometimes the muscles can release more tension when a softer approach such as Swedish massage is used.  One type of massage that helps one person might not be helpful for another body.  My body responds to many types of treatments but I know people who dont have the same experience as me.  Without knowing what each is its hard to spend a lot of money for any treatment.

The best way to figure out what you need is first to figure why you want a massage.  If youre lucky youll meet a massage therapist knowledgable in many of these treatments so they can suggest further treatment for your bodys issues.  If youre not lucky you can research the different types of bodywork listed above and find some testimonials online.

Living in pain is not necessary and you are not helpless.

As always if you have any questions or comments feel free to write to me at liza@revivetouch.com

Hope to hear from you.  Stay strong and healthy!


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